Daniel Felechner

Basically raised with a pencil in hand, Daniel Felechner has been consistently drawing since the ripe young age of 4, and has since never stopped. Having no formal training in either drawing or painting, he has over the years developed an artistic drive and style to call his own. Although art was a constant fixture in his life, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he really considered the thought of pursuing his creativity as something other than an activity he distracted himself with in the classroom or just laying around at home.

Since his realization of his true passion for the arts, Daniel has been on an insatiable quest to better his style and technique through trial and error, constantly challenging himself to create the things he could only see in his head, all the while using his sources of visual and audible inspiration to further the content of his works. When studying the finished products throughout the years, there is a evident reminiscence of surrealist psychedelia entwined with ancient spiritual symbolism and personal visionary experiences that have been some of his greatest sources of influence and still are as he continues to experiment with new techniques, materials, and subject matter.

Daniel’s urge to create seems to stem from a place deep within that pulses about his entire body with an incredible focus and intensity. Where words are no longer able to suffice, his art takes their place, truly conveying the love and passion he feels for life and the experiences with the people he cherishes most.

Connect with Daniel Felechner:

Phone: (949) 294-0735
E-Mail: danielfelechner@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/artbydanielfelechner


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